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About search functionality

This search engine interface with multiple autocomplete approaches, provides simple search functionality for testing different autocomplete implementations.

Search terms are matched against all fields or significant fields if there is a match of an entity suggestion type (original phrases like title, place or publisher) are treated as composite searchterm with a field binding. Matches are therefore more relevant.
There is no filtering and faceting available for demonstration purpose.

Search results are displayed below the interface component. Click the button on the right side, to open full record view.

A typical record consists of following fields: ID, Language, Country Code, Notation, Person, Title, Subtitle, Editor, Place, Publisher, Date.

Autocomplete / Suggestions

Composed Terms
Each record has a set of precomposed terms from entity fields (i.e. person or other) and title fields. Typically in the structure of »Entity – Title« and »Title«.
This setting gives the user a Google-like search experience – with the exception, that the terms are machine generated without any linguistic algorithm used.
Choose only one suggestion from the list for search.

Autocomplete gives you keywods suggestions from the total dataset of records. The user can add as many keywords as liked.
Try: «mozart kleine« – match: «mozart kleine nachtmusik«

Phrase by Field
The autocomplete terms are matched with data from per field only. The suggestions contain data of a complete field. A search will match the complete citation and field type.
Choose only one suggestion from the list for search.
Try: «mozart nacht« – no match

Phrase across Fields
The functionality is identical as above, but autocomplete terms will match multiple fields from the data set.
Try: «mozart nacht« – match: «Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus« (Person) and «Eine kleine Nachtmusik« (Title)

Autocomplete Options

Limit the list of suggestions

Phrase: Include Types
Prefilter suggestions by field type: MUST match selected type (max. 4)

Phrase: Exclude Types
Prefilter suggestions by field type: MUST NOT match selected type (max. 6)

Try: Include Person, Title as preselected (matches Person OR Title)
This will exclude all other types.

Try: Exclude Former Title, Uniform Title, Variant Title, Series Statement (matches Person OR Title OR Corporation OR any other not excluded type)
This will exclude all selected types.

Use include or exclude setting, not both at the same time.